Online Certificate Program on Basics of Outpatient

Program Overview:

Though almost everyone has visited a hospital as an outpatient or has been hospitalized at least once in their life, most do not know a hospital’s functioning. There is no specialised course in India related to Outpatient Management capacity building. Employees who join hospitals are from different streams of education that may not necessarily include biology as a major subject. The department functions within the hospital are also understood only through experience. This leads to a huge investment in terms of time and effort in training and orienting the staff by the Hospital management. At the same time, retaining the trained workforce is also a challenge due to new hospitals emerging.

ACCESS Health International and InOrder are launching a course to bridge the skill gaps in the outpatient departments in hospitals! This comprehensive online course, titled “Basics of Outpatient Management” is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in this critical healthcare role.

Duration & Dates:

Duration of the Program: 40 Days Program

Program Begins: June 14, 2024



Target Audience

  • 10+2/Graduate students aspiring to make their career in Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Healthcare providers based in Urban Cities, Peri-Urban and Rural areas

Key Learning Outcome

At the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of outpatient department and interdepartmental functions, patient receiving and handling skills, use of HMIS (Hospital Management System), efficiently handling patients’ grievances through feedback management system and basic knowledge of handling and coordinating for different type of investigation and diagnostic test.

Participant Fee

Program Fee: 1,000 INR inclusive of all taxes **

Course Syllabus

1. Familiarise with Common terminologies used in the hospital Industry.
2. Orientation to the Hospital, its department and function.
3. Learn about the Organogram structure of Outpatient department.
4. Learn and gain insight into different processes in the Outpatient department.
5. Outpatient registration and record keeping.
6. Basic skills in receiving and handling patients
7. Basics of feedback management system
8. Introduction to outpatient billing and payor categories
9. Orientation to HMIS outpatient module.


The course encompasses 3 modules,with 3 chapters in each module concluding with an assessment exam. It is designed to provide practical experience in outpatient registration and billing modules under a controlled test environment.



What sets us apart:

Real-Time Assessment:

Test your knowledge
through engaging
Q&A sessions!


Online Pre and Post Evaluation:

Enhance your skills for
better job placement

Hands-On Practice:

Gain practical skills
with a controlled test
environment on a real
HMIS platform.

Industry Expert Sessions:

Two power-packed
hours to make you
proficient in the

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