Prof. William A. Haseltine traveled to India at the beginning of the new millennium to study various healthcare innovations spurting across the country. He ventured to study the Hyderabad-based Care group, co-founded by Dr. Soma Raju and Dr. Krishna Reddy. The group was evolving into a trusted, people-centered, integrated, and sustainable healthcare model designed to meet the three core objectives of quality, affordability, and access. ACCESS Health International was founded to carry forward these case studies and crystallize and disseminate the key learnings to others across the world. Its journey began in 2007 out of the office of Dr. Reddy, the then CEO of Care Hospitals.

Since its inception, ACCESS Health was ably led by Ms. Sofi Bergkvist as its Executive Director to undertake many landmark studies across India. The studies covered areas of primary care, public health insurance (Arogyashree in the state of Andhra Pradesh), mother and child care, quality of care, and emergency care among others. Prof. Haseltine wrote a book titled ‘Every Second Counts’ on the Emergency Management and Response Institute, to showcase the innovative public-private partnership model in emergency care.

The team at ACCESS Health, in partnership with Indian and International researchers and with support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, undertook extensive research spanning two years to study India’s health system. The work figures prominently in NITI Aayog’s report “Health System for a New India: Building Blocks Potential pathways to reform”. Our body of work on health systems design kindled a new purpose – to secure people’s health through health systems strengthening. Thus, was born InOrder specifically to pursue the above purpose. The institute inherits the rich experience, ideas, passion, and the purpose of two visionaries, the founder of ACCESS Health and the co-founder of the Care group.

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