A Management Development Program

A Collaboration between InOrder, Administrative Staff College of India, ACCESS Health International

Program Overview:

Over the last decade, there has been a growing enthusiasm around the potential usefulness of data analytics and informatics in transforming healthcare. The National Health Policy (2017) envisaged the creation of a digital health technology ecosystem to leverage the potential of data in transforming personal care, clinical care, and public health delivery.

The Indian Government has also focussed on the development of quantum technology in the country. This is fast driving health sector organizations to adopt advanced communication and collaboration systems across their settings. However, the bigger challenge facing the healthcare industry is how to crunch these data, and logically deduce actionable insights with the creation of interventions at which health IT interacts and affects the organization. Thus, healthcare organizations need specialists who know how to design and build platforms that can handle the enormous amount of data available today. This customized program on health informatics would enable healthcare professionals to position themselves as leaders in the digital reorganization of India’s healthcare system.

Important Dates:

 Program Begins: 1st Week of September 2023

Two Days Offline Program: 2nd Week of October 2023

Last Date for Nomination: 31st August 2023



Program Objectives

The broad objective of the program is to provide a solid grasp of the end-to-end process of making effective decisions with informatics and data-based medico-metrics and, thus, enhance the clinical, managerial, and business decision-making ability of the participants.

Participant Profile

The Target Audience of the Program Includes:

  • Officers of the National Health Mission (NHM) in States/UTs working with data
  • Officers of National Digital Health Mission in States UTS – Senior Officers of the State Health Authority working with the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana scheme
  • Health Policy Experts
  • Other Senior Managers/Officers working with data at the district level
  • Information Systems Professionals
  • Physicians, pharmacists, social workers, and other allied health professionals interested in expanding their understanding of digital health, big data, health information system

Key Learning Outcomes 

Upon Completion of the Program the Participants will be able to:

(i) Assess a health informatics problem, determine the missing dots, and identify the solution

(ii) Make effective use of vast volumes of data to improve healthcare operations and delivery

(iii) Map the patients’ healthcare journey and contribute to improved health outcomes

(iv) Create multi-dimensional simulation models using contextual variables to produce customized predictions

Course Content

1. Health Informatics – Introduction and Landscape

2. Healthcare IT Standards and their role In Healthcare

3. Digital Health Mission – Blueprint and Action Plan

4. Healthcare IT Applications: Overview

5. Healthcare IT Implementation Challenges

6. Healthcare Analytics

7. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Road Map

Pedagogy and Duration

The program will follow a hybrid pattern with three days of contact classes at the ASCI campus, Hyderabad followed by online sessions delivered through the LMS platform. The Learning Management Software access will be provided to all participants during the program. The participants will be encouraged to carry out regular projects. The program would also include practical cases and case studies.

The two-day offline sessions will enrich the participants on the practical aspect of the learnings. The sessions will be delivered by experts commanding years of work experience in the fields of health informatics, data analytics, and public health. The program will span four (04) months.

The online sessions will be delivered on Fridays and Saturdays for a maximum of four hours a week. The offline two-day program will be delivered in the month of October 2023.

Program Directors

Dr. Arundhathy Mamidi
Principal Consultant
ACCESS Health International

Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan
Director and Professor
Dr.Kakarla Subbarao Centre for Health Care Management
Administrative Staff College of India 

For Correspondence

ACCESS Health International
Email: research.admin@accessh.org
Cell No:+91-6003198490

ACCESS Health International
Email: research.admin@accessh.org
Cell No:+91-8075228815

Mr. Sreenivas Reddy
Administrative Staff College of India
Email: poffice@asci.org.in
Cell No: +91-9246203535

MS.Sree Sravanthi Katari
Administrative Staff College of India
Email: sravanthikatari@asci.org.in
Cell No: +91-9505444556



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