Dr Krishna Reddy Nallamalla was invited to the United States Pharmacopeia Convention, 4th Regional Chapter Meeting: South Asia held in New Delhi on 15th November. The convention aimed to discuss the evolving regulatory landscape, building resilient API supply chains and access to affordable biosimilars.

Dr Reddy was invited for a fireside chat, representing the Board of Trustees of the USP. The chat was led by Mr Matruprasad Priyadarshi, Senior Director & General Manager, Region Programs & Operations, USP South Asia. Alongside Dr Reddy were Dr Dennis E Doherty, President, USP Convention and Dr Richard J Gilfillan, Board member, USP Convention.

Dr Reddy spoke about the need for balance between self-reliance and globalization in the current age. He explained that whenever humanity faces an existential threat, there is no choice but to collaborate. He also underscored the need for financially sustainable models that do not compromise on the quality of care delivered. Dr Reddy also mentioned that the time taken for innovations to reach the patients can be reduced with the cooperation of the regulators.

The fireside chat showcased how USP’s work plays a significant role in our effort to enable better health systems across the world as a non-profit that sets standards for the quality of medicines, food ingredients, and medical devices, that are used by manufacturers, regulators, and healthcare providers around the world.

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