Recently, ACCESS Health organized a discussion with stakeholders in Uttar Pradesh to enhance the standards of cancer care in the state. The objective of the discussion was to bring together experts from various fields, including oncologists, policymakers, practitioners, and industry partners, to identify areas for strengthening awareness, screening and diagnostics, treatment, and financing.

During the discussion, King George’s Medical University, SACHIS, and ACCESS Health presented a landscape study on the provision of cancer care in Uttar Pradesh. The study’s findings were reviewed by the group, which then made recommendations to improve cancer care in the state. Some of the findings of this study were:

  • Strengthening early screening and diagnosis to reduce late-stage representation and improve treatment outcomes.
  • Strengthening availability and access to cancer treatment for improved treatment outcomes.
  • Increasing financing for cancer care.

Proceedings of the event saw two presentations made followed by a round of discussions and inputs from the policymakers. The first session was on the Landscape of Cancer and Provision of Cancer Care in Uttar Pradesh presented by Dr Kirti Srivastava, Professor of Radiation Oncology, KGMU. The second session was on Expanding Diagnostics & Cost-Effective Therapies under PM-JAY presented by Dr Anand Mishra, Professor & Head, Endocrine and Breast Diseases, KGMU

The event was made possible thanks to the continuous support of partners such as SACHIS, KGMU, and Roche. ACCESS Health also congratulated the state champions, Dr Anand Mishra, Dr Kirti Srivastava, Smt Sangeeta Singh, Ms Priti Sharma, Mr Amrityan Das, Ms Himani Sethi, and Ms Manisha Tripathi, for their effort in bringing together stakeholders to discuss this critical health issue.

We also acknowledge the leadership of Shri Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma, Principal Secretary Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Smt Sangeeta Singh, CEO, SACHIS, and Smt Aparna U, Mission Director of the National Health Mission, who prioritized the group’s recommendations.

Improving cancer care in Uttar Pradesh is crucial for the state’s healthcare system, and this discussion marks a significant step towards achieving this goal. The recommendations from the Special Interest Group have the potential to transform cancer care delivery in Uttar Pradesh and make it more accessible to people in need.

You can read the Summary Report of the Meeting here.

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