InOrder’s associate ACCESS Health International has partnered with the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority’s prestigious Institute of Insurance & Risk Management to jointly conduct capacity building programs in health insurance and to co-develop research in the area of health systems.

As per the partnership, both organizations will work together towards building capacity in the areas of Health Insurance Management for Public Personnel, Health Insurance, Health Systems Training  and Health Systems Research.

The MoU was signed last week in the presence of Mr Suresh Mathur, Managing Director, IIRM,  Dr. Krishna Reddy Nallamalla, ACCESS Health South Asia Regional Director and President InOrder, and Dr. Uma Aysola, Head, Alliances and Partnerships, ACCESS Health International.

The IIRM is a joint initiative of the IRDA and the Government of Telangana. The Institute is dedicated to education in the financial services sector, which includes courses on Finance & Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Risk Management, Actuarial Science, Marketing, Data Science & Analytics, and allied areas.

ACCESS Health and InOrder have been working together with a purpose to strengthen health systems to secure people’s health. Their works span five core pillars of health systems, namely health systems governance, health payer system, healthcare provision, public health, and health information systems. The work streams include health systems research, human resources for health capacity building through education and training, technical support to various stakeholders of health system, and public awareness on health. The research and programs at ACCESS Health International address issues ranging from primary care, digital health, risk pooling and strategic purchasing to drive quality and accountability.

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