Director of Communications, Partnerships, and Relationships Dr. Uma Aysola was invited as an expert speaker at a roundtable discussion on corporate social responsibility, organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry in partnership with the National Commission of Women (NCW).

Titled “CSR as a catalyst for Women Empowerment in India”, the roundtable was held in Mumbai on 15th September.  The primary objective of the roundtable was to scope out action areas and design collaborative projects that can be undertaken to achieve women’s empowerment. Select CSR leaders were invited for the consultation, to contribute to the discussion and help in shaping action areas on the subject.

The discussions aimed at understanding and planning the use of CSR funds for ensuring the holistic development of women. The deliberations centered on topics such as the role of CSR in achieving SDGs and Women Empowerment and CSR: Creating Collaborative Spaces, amongst others. Views were also sought and expressed on the government’s role in promoting women’s empowerment and how CSR can facilitate empowerment. The Roundtable helped apprise the NCW of the CSR initiatives undertaken by corporations toward women’s empowerment. It aimed to chart a path for collaborative initiatives toward women’s empowerment. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Rekha Sharma, Chairperson, NCW along with Mr. Ashank Desai, Co-Chairman, CII National Committee on CSR, Ms. Meeta Rajivlochan, Member Secretary, NCW and Ms. Rumjhum Co- Chairperson, CII National Committee on CSR. The consultation was attended by CSR heads of 32 Corporates.

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