The Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience will hold its Annual Conclave on March 10 and 11, 2023 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. A live webcast of the conference will be made available for remote audiences. You can register HERE to participate in this event.

The Conclave is being designed as a high level summit that will see the participation from multi-county functionaries from governments and development agencies, reputed academia and health systems experts, and noted industry leaders.

The sessions will aim at sharing the learnings from the GLC4HSR’s journey, presenting country-level assessment of health systems, initiating dialogues around the health systems assessment framework, and deliberating upon on cross-country learnings to identify practical policy solutions to build systemic resilience.

The GLC4HSR was launched by ACCESS Health International with support from The Rockefeller Foundation on 11th March 2022.  InOrder- The Health Systems Institute is an official member of the GLC4HSR and the Convener of its India Chapter.

The event will mark the completion of one year since the launch of the GLC4HSR. Its core purpose is to harness collaborative action to make health systems resilient and responsive to the social and health needs of all people at all times. 

Over the last one year, the GLC4HSR has attempted to crystalize the definition of health systems resilience and develop a new conceptual framework for health systems assessment. This was achieved through the co-creation of knowledge and reciprocal learning amongst its members, technical advisors, experts, practitioners, and partners.

Several learning journeys have commenced at the GLC4HSR over the past year. These center around themes of leadership & governance, surveillance, healthcare provisioning, health financing, health supplies, and health information system among others, in the context of the rising incidence of health threats and the need to build strong and resilient health systems to prevent these threats and to enable them to mount rapid and effective responses. The sessions are being designed keeping in view the guiding principles of knowledge co-creation and reciprocal learning to achieve the core objective of nurturing a learning culture across health systems, both horizontally and vertically. The sessions are curated with a thesis/premise that a learning culture leads to right policies, strategies, and actions aimed at securing people’s health. Participants will play the role of both a teacher and a student, as the themes evolve further through discussions.

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