InOrder along with partner institute the Administrative Staff College of India and ACCESS Health International successfully concluded the six-month online management development program on Health Insurance, last month. The course was designed to fill in the existing knowledge gaps amongst the professionals working in health and other social sectors within governments, the private, and the non-governmental sector on critical issues of health insurance in India.

The goal of this program is to provide an overview of the major issues related to the design, function, management, regulation, and evaluation of health insurance programs. It aims at providing knowledge about the importance and emerging area of health insurance as an alternative health financing option.

The major modules which undertaken in the Health Insurance course include Health Systems and Principles of Health Financing, Landscape of Indian Health Insurance, Principles of Implementation of Health Insurance schemes, Legal and Regulatory Framework in Health Insurance in India, Ensuring Quality and Accountability, Understanding the use of Data and Informatics for decision making, Developing trends in Health Insurance; Innovations and Best practices.

The intended outcome of this course is developing among the participants an understanding of the basics of the health insurance industry, various products and government-sponsored schemes and programs and the process involved in integrating these with the health system. The course received 24 nominations from various organisations public medical colleges, state Health Authorities of Haryana and Rajasthan, Indian Dental Association, research organisations,  philanthropic organisations in health sector, private practitioners etc.

Health Insurance Schemes are being envisaged as an excellent mechanism to address the healthcare needs of the poor. Availability of effective health insurance schemes ensure equitable, effective, responsive and accountable services along with the reduction of catastrophic health episodes, thereby reducing indebtedness and impoverishment. This has a direct impact on poverty reduction. There is definitely a gap in the understanding of current concepts and context and in the capacity to design, implement, and monitor health insurance schemes. There is also a need for all players in health insurance including government officials, insurance companies, third party administrators, hospitals, regulators, etc. to be on the same platform and discuss the emerging issues in health insurance schemes.

The course was taught by renowned experts in the field of health insurance. Academicians along with industry experts imparted the knowledge and on the ground experience to participants. The internal faculties of ASCI, ACCESS health, Program Directors of the course and Industry experts make up the faculty pool for the course.

The valedictory ceremony for the course was conducted on June 3, 2022 Dr. Krishna Reddy Nallamalla, Regional Director South Asia, ACCESS Health International and Dr. Bagchi Director General (I/C), ASCI attended the event. Apart from the routine session feedback, collective feedback about the course was collected from the participants. The session was also graced by internal faculties of the course from both the organisation along with Program Directors and Course Coordinators. The certificate of completion was awarded to the 24 participants during the ceremony. The course marked its closure by a group photograph.

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