InOrder, in partnership with the KIIT School of Public Health (KSPH) and ACCESS Health, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on June 13, 2023. This collaboration aims to advance academic and research endeavours to strengthen health systems across various States and Union Territories of India. The partners will engage in short-term and long-term capacity-building programs focused on the critical area of health systems strengthening.

The signing of this MoU paves the way for a comprehensive and impactful collaboration, allowing the entities to work together on a wide range of thematic verticals. Some of these areas include governance in health, health systems and services, environmental health, and global health. Through combined expertise, resources, and research efforts, the partnership endeavours to bring about substantial improvements in health outcomes and system efficiency.

Representing their respective institutions, Prof Dr Sasmita Samanta, Vice-Chancellor of KIIT-DU, and Prof Dr Bhuputra Panda, Director of KSPH, were the signatories on behalf of KIIT-DU. On the other hand, Dr Krishna Reddy Nallamala, President (Asia), ACCESS Health signed the MoU on behalf of the organization.

Following the signing of the MoU, Dr Krishna Reddy, Mr Girish Bommakanti, and Dr Shrikant Kalaskar met with Prof Dr Sasmita Samanta to explore potential avenues of collaboration for the future. This meeting served as a platform for discussing and shaping the various forms of partnership that may arise from this collaboration.

By leveraging the strengths of each organization, the collaboration aims to bring about significant advancements in the Indian healthcare landscape. The joint efforts will contribute to the development of sustainable health systems, bolstering their effectiveness, accessibility, and quality. Moreover, the collaboration seeks to promote interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange, and capacity building, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing the complex challenges faced by health systems.

Through this collaboration, we anticipate witnessing the positive impact this collaboration will have on the future of health systems. InOrder, KIIT School of Public Health, and ACCESS Health International remain committed to their shared vision of equitable and resilient health systems.

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