InOrder, The Health Systems Institute will be leading the India country chapter of the Global Learning Collaborative for Health System Resilience. The GLC4HSR is an initiative that brings together a network of health systems experts, practitioners, and policymakers with a vision to build better, more resilient, health systems. As a convener of the India country chapter,  InOrder will lead and drive the thematic learning journey of the global collaborative in India.

InOrder works towards strengthening health systems, and operates as a national-level think-tank, and a training institute with multiple partners in several parts of the country. As a member of the GLC4HSR, InOrder aims to strengthen health systems, down to the district level, against increasing health crises to secure people from further health shocks. InOrder with its strong presence will encourage and provide assistance in onboarding renowned healthcare professionals from the region to this collaborative.

The GLC4HSR is currently managed by ACCESS Health International as its global techno-managerial secretariat. InOrder is an associate partner of ACCESS Health. Since its launch in March 2022, GLC4HSR has conducted highly informative and substantive learning meetings. Its India chapter priorities will be shaped in consultation with InOrder. The GLC4HSR currently has two other country chapters in Bangladesh and Indonesia. It has 40 plus members and 12 technical advisors across 15 countries.

In the post pandemic era, the significance of designing a global health agenda and collective action towards building sustainable health systems are now the top priority. The partnership will continue to support efforts to increase efficiency in the healthcare sector and provide an opportunity to address key challenges in research and innovation, collaboration on data and digital health and thus reducing the burden cost on countries for future outbreak control.

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