On February 9th, 2024, Dr N Krishna Reddy, President of InOrder, took the stage at the renowned ISB Healthcare 4.0 conference held at the Indian School of Business. Joining a distinguished panel titled “Health Financing as a Lever to Drive Better Health Outcomes,” Dr. Reddy delivered a powerful message resonating with leading figures in healthcare financing and delivery.

Moderated by Professor Sarang Deo, the panel brought together diverse perspectives from Dr A V Gurava Reddy (Managing Director, KIMS – Sunshine Hospitals), Mr B C Patnaik (Member, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India), and Ms Sandhya Venkateswaran (Senior Fellow, Centre for Social and Economic Progress).

Dr Reddy advocated for the crucial integration of quality assurance into healthcare financing mechanisms. He implored private and public insurers, including those managing schemes like PMJAY, to move beyond provider accreditation and focus on measuring demonstrable improvements in patient health outcomes.

To illustrate his point through his experience, Dr Reddy drew upon ACCESS Health’s impactful work in Uttar Pradesh. By actively monitoring PROMs and clinical indicators, their data-driven approach empowers payers to ensure accountability among healthcare providers. This ensures that delivered care translates into meaningful benefits for patients, not just paperwork.

Beyond highlighting the significance of PROMs and clinical indicators, Dr Reddy emphasized the value of empowering payers. He argued that by closely monitoring quality, payers can incentivize providers to deliver care that truly benefits patients.

Dr Reddy’s participation in ISB Healthcare 4.0 sparked dialogue around a critical shift in the industry’s approach, moving from mere accreditation to measuring and rewarding tangible improvements in patient health. This shift holds immense potential to transform healthcare delivery, ensuring that patients receive care that truly makes a difference in their lives.

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