With a rapidly growing membership base, the Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience conducted its first Members’ Network Meet on May 12, 2022. The GLC4HSR is a recently established initiative that brings together health systems experts, practitioners, and policymakers with a vision to build better, more resilient, health systems especially in the wake of pandemics and other public health crises. Within a few months of being active, the Collaborative has attracted membership from over five countries, across various subdomains of the health and related sectors. ACCESS Health International currently serves as the secretariat of the Collaborative.

The members network meeting took place virtually and was aimed at helping members know each other and the work they do. The meeting presented an opportunity for the Secretariat to present to the members, the GLC4HSR’s future plans, membership benefits, and the learning journey.

Secretariat members gave a demo of the GLC4HSR website and members’ portal and spoke about the portal features and explained the log in process. They also gave the members a glimpse into the materials currently available and the material which will be made available as retrospective and prospective knowledge. A quick online poll was conducted to understand the expectations of the members and to seek their suggestions on what else the Collaborative can offer. The GLC4HSR Members’ Portal is an exhaustive repository of different articles, case studies, manuals, development sector papers, government documents on health system resilience, government manuals, WHO papers, and papers by elite entities.

Some of the suggestions received from members on strengthening the collaborative include having curated articles, smaller user groups for ideation and a common forum for interaction among everyone in the Members’ portal. Members also suggested providing linkages to policymakers, interesting papers, video stories, photographs and other platforms for cross learning.

Meanwhile, in continuation to the series of learning meetings that the GLC4HSR has been holding, the Secretariat is working towards holding its first peer-to-peer learning meet on June 16, from 1 PM to 6 PM IST. In line with its learning structure, the GLC4HSR holds quarterly and annual meetings and interim meetings in the form of round table discussions and learning meetings among and between experts and practitioners. These meetings are centered around thematic or sub thematic areas. The meeting scheduled for June 16 is the first such peer-to-peer learning meeting and will focus on three thematic areas through three learning sessions of 90 minutes each. The thematic areas of discussion will be: Health Systems Resilience Assessment Frameworks, Disease Surveillance Systems for Resilience, and Global Health Architecture and Governance for Resilience.

Knowledge compiled by the Secretariat through systematic reviews and interviews and round table discussions with experts and practitioners will set the stage for the learning dialogue through panel discussions, participants’ comments, and online polls. Each session will conclude with a roadmap to delve deeper into the major discussion points. The panel discussants and moderators are important health systems stakeholders from government, private, and development sectors across countries. 

In you are interested in participating in the learning meet or knowing more about the GLC4HSR, please write to us at info@glc4hsr.org

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