The Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience is conducting a webinar titled “Weathering Climate Change: Navigating Mental Health Impacts in Communities.” The webianr is scheduled to take place on February 20, 2024, from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM IST. Register for the webinar here.

The imperative to comprehend the intersection between climate change and mental health, particularly in vulnerable communities, has never been more crucial. As the planet confronts unprecedented challenges, the repercussions of climate change extend beyond environmental concerns, significantly affecting mental health in vulnerable communities. From rising temperatures and droughts to poor air quality and natural disasters, these climatic shifts contribute to heightened anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

This webinar aims to unravel the pivotal role of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) in preserving well-being amidst the tumultuous landscape of extreme climate changes. The stark reality, as revealed by a 2021 WHO survey, is that merely nine out of 95 countries have seamlessly integrated MHPSS into their national health and climate change plans. Participate in this enlightening webinar as experts, including Prof. Mala Rao, Director of the Ethnicity and Health Unit at Imperial College London, and Dr. Renzo R. Guinto, Associate Professor at St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine/Duke-NUS, dissect the various determinants of climate change affecting psychosocial well-being, especially in vulnerable communities. Explore how governments and multi-sectoral actors can collaboratively mitigate the profound mental health impact wrought by climate change.

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