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Global mortality associated with 33 bacterial pathogens in 2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

Feature article published November 21, 2022 in The Lancet      

Reducing the burden of death due to infection is an urgent global public health priority. Common bacterial infections were the second leading cause of death in 2019, linked to one in eight deaths globally. This new Global Burden of Disease study provides the first global estimates of mortality associated with 33 common bacterial pathogens and 11 major infection types—known as infectious syndromes—leading to death from sepsis.

Why Don’t We Have an HIV Vaccine?

Opinion article published November 29, 2022 in Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Global Health Now  

In the four decades since the HIV epidemic exploded, more than 40 million people have died from the virus. HIV continues to be a major threat to public health, with over 38.4 million people living with HIV worldwide in 2021. The article goes into the reasons of why despite the availability of research funding to address the epidemic, we still do not have a vaccine for HIV.

These monkeypox researchers warned that the disease would go global

News feature article published November 30, 2022 in Nature

In May, when monkeypox began to spread across Europe and beyond, many public-health specialists were taken by surprise. But for researchers who have tracked and studied the viral disease for years in Central and West Africa, the only shock was seeing how accurate their predictions were. A Nigerian disease-surveillance expert and a US epidemiologist have been tracking monkeypox for years. Can their insights help to stop its spread and prevent future outbreaks?

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