Article published in The Lancet Digital Health in April 2024

How does machine learning-enabled maternal risk assessment help women with pre-eclampsia? This article discusses a new model called PIERS-ML. The model uses data from women’s medical records to predict their risk of developing pre-eclampsia. Researchers tested the model on data from over 8,000 women. The results showed that the model could accurately identify women at high risk of pre-eclampsia. This could help doctors to provide better care to these women.

Original Research published in BMJ Medicine in March 2024

How have socioeconomic inequalities played a role in the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2? This article discusses the delta and omicron variants of the virus and analyzes data from the UK COVID Infection Survey. The study found that people in more deprived areas were more likely to test positive for the virus. This trend held across different occupations. The healthcare, manufacturing or construction, and teaching and education sectors showed the strongest association between deprivation and positive tests.

Systematic Review published in BMC Health Services Research in March 2024

This systematic review studied the global job satisfaction of community general practitioners (CGPs). A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted to assess job satisfaction. The pooled rate for job satisfaction was 70.82%. Remuneration and working conditions were important factors influencing satisfaction. There has been a recent decline in satisfaction, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The downward trend is concerning and highlights a need for policy changes to improve satisfaction.

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