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Wanted: rules for pandemic data access that everyone can trust

Editorial published June 1, 2021  in Nature’s weekly international science journal.

The article focuses on the need for national and state governments to share data on a timely basis, in an organized and transparent manner.Researchers and policymakers need a range of data during a pandemic to facilitate evidence based policy decisions. In the wake of COVID, a pandemic treaty is being discussed as a way to agree on data sharing and access before the next emergency strikes, the editorial elucidates.

Count the cost of disability caused by COVID-19

Comment Article published May 26, 2021  in Nature’s weekly international science journal.

The articles talks about the need to assess the impact of Covid-19 beyond reported cases and deaths, and look at illness induced disability in recovered patients. As per the article, 1 in 5 people who were hospitalized for Covid had a new disability after discharge. Focusing only on cases and deaths hides the pandemic’s lasting health burden on people, societies and economies, the article states.

Why COVID-19 Vaccines Offer Better Protection Than Infection

Interview, published May 28, 2021 in the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Blog

In this interview article, virologist Sabra Klein says that vaccination offers longer, stronger immunity than natural infection. She dispels misconceptions around not needing the vaccine after being naturally infected. She says that an immense amount of data collected in a short time has made clear the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and the limited immunity that comes from being infected with Covid.

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